Modal Integration

With our Modal Integration option, you can integrate our application and checkout experience as a modal on top of your website.

Key Benefits

There are many benefits to using our UX/UI for integration with us including:

  1. Minimal API calls- we take care of most of the direct API calls for you, meaning you have less code to write and minimal code maintenance
  2. No Updating - No need to update your UI codebase when APIs get updated or fields are deprecated
  3. Fast - The modal can be easily added to your existing application
  4. User Experience - Users remain on your website when they interact with our modal creating a frictionless customer experience
  5. Mobile Friendly

First screen of our Koalafi financing modal

How to Integrate

  1. Import the JavaScript SDK using a <script> tag:
    <script src=""></script>
  2. Place "Apply Now" or "Checkout with Koalafi" buttons throughout your site. See our Marketing Assets page for recommendations for placement and styling of these buttons
  3. Use the SDK and buttons/banners/etc. to initiate Approval First or Shop First Flows

What’s Next