Approval First


1.1 The customer initiates the Koalafi application from your website. Create Order, and do not include any items.
1.2. Open the Koalafi modal using the orderId generated in step 1.1. The customer completes their application and receives a decision along with an approval amount if they qualify.
1.3. Once the customer closes the modal, we return decision data along with an exit code


2.1. Once the customer gets approved with Koalafi, finishes shopping, and selects Koalafi as their payment method at checkout, make sure to update the order's items
2.2. Open the Koalafi modal again. The customer will review and confirm payment terms, and sign the contract to complete checkout. After the customer closes the modal, you can place the order normally in your system.
2.3. Once the customer receives their purchased items, mark the order as 'delivered' to initiate financing.

What’s Next