Marketing Koalafi Quick Start

We are excited to work with you, and want to set you up for success with Koalafi. The marketing checklist below will jumpstart your partnership and let your customers know that you offer financing with Koalafi to maximize conversion and educate your customers.

Getting Started

Follow these simple steps to get set up using the Koalafi brand on your site:

  1. Download our logos and use them anywhere you mention Koalafi, such as on product detail pages and the payment method selection in your checkout flow.
  2. You can use the buttons and widgets supplied by your integration platform, or download and use them directly on your site.
  3. Download the payment badge to add Koalafi as a payment option at checkout.
  4. Use our promotional banners on your site and in your emails to build awareness of Koalafi and motivate your customers to apply using your unique link.

Best Practices

Once you've got Koalafi displayed on your site, follow these best practices to introduce Koalafi to your customers.

  • Educate your customers by creating a financing page from our template, which uses pre-approved and legally compliant messaging to explain how Koalafi works and answer their questions.
  • Send an email to your current subscribers to introduce them to Koalafi.
  • Announce and spread the word about your partnership with Koalafi on social media, using a library of assets that work on multiple social platforms. Don't forget to follow and tag us!
  • Keep your eye on your email for our seasonal social media assets and email banners featuring Wally, our on-staff marketing koala, that you can use to keep your customers coming back.

Only Koalafi merchants may use these materials. Please don't alter these logos, assets, or combine with other custom content without approval.

What’s Next

Once your integration is live, visit our marketing resource library for more designs and options to customize marketing with Koalafi on your site.