Magento 2.4+

We currently only support Magento 2.4+ with our plugin.


How to Obtain our Magento Plugin

We are available in the Magento Marketplace .

Manual Installation

  1. Download and unzip the extension.
  2. Copy files to <Magento root>/app/code/Koalafi/Payment directory.
  3. Execute the following console commands:
    3.1. php bin/magento module:enable Koalafi_Payment
    3.2. php bin/magento setup:upgrade
    3.3. php bin/magento cache:clean


  1. To configure the extension, go to Stores > Configuration > Sales > Payment Methods.
  2. Expand "Koalafi Payment" section and enter configuration data and click 'Save Config'.

Available Plugin Configurations

Below is an example of the list of the configurations for the plugin in a Sandbox store:


Available Environments

Sandbox: used for testing integrating with us
Production : used for production traffic

Here are the values you should be using depending on your store environment (Sandbox vs Production):

AttributeSandbox Store ValueProduction Store Value
Application ModeSandboxProduction
Api Url
Api Key<API Key given to you for your SANDBOX store><API Key given to you for your PRODUCTION store>
Dealer Id<Dealer ID given to you for your SANDBOX store><Dealer ID given to you for your PRODUCTION store>
Maximum Order Total5000 (Lease Only)
10000 (Full Spectrum)
5000 (Lease Only)
10000 (Full Spectrum)
Minimum Order Total200200

Admin Configs

Environment Related Variables

  • Enabled - whether or not you want to enable Koalafi as a payment method at checkout
  • Application Mode - this dictates which environment configuration the plugin will use (Sandbox or Production)
  • Automatically Create Invoice - When 'Yes,' Koalafi will create an invoice automatically when an order in Magento is created. If 'No,' an order will be in processing (before invoice creation)
  • SDK Sandbox url - url for where the sandbox sdk is found
  • SDK Production url - url for where the prod sdk is found


  • Api key - the api key used to make authenticated requests to our APIs

  • Dealer id - the public dealer id used to identify the store/dealer

  • New Order Status - the status a new order should be in when checking out with Koalafi

Maximums and Minimums for Koalafi

  • Minimum Order Total - the minimum total amount, do not edit because we have hard set rules on cart minimums and maximums

  • Maximum Order Total - the maximum cart/order total amount, do not edit because we have hard set rules on cart minimums and maximums

  • Min/Max Error Messaging - messaging for what the extension would state when these limits are met

  • Sort Order - Where/what position in the lineup of payment methods Koalafi will be located at checkout

Excluding non-leaseable products:

There are certain products that are not eligible for Koalafi leases. These include services, gift cards, warranties, etc. These items can only make up 20% or less of a customer's cart. If they make up more of the cart, the customer will be instructed to adjust their cart. To edit product level information to identify non-leaseable products follow the instructions below:

Click "Catalog" > "Products" > Click into each product > "Exclude for Koalafi payment method" The default is 'No' which means it is a leaseable item. Toggle 'Yes' to mark as not leaseable

Checkout Page

Once you configure Koalafi as a payment method in Magento with the above steps, you will see Koalafi as a payment method option on the checkout page

Product Page Apply Widget

To include an Apply Now/Prequalify now button on your product pages, you can add a button on the page that initiates the application flow for financing before they complete checkout. Insert the following code snippet.

{{widget type="Koalafi\Payment\Block\Widget\Button" button_text="Apply for Koalafi Financing"}}