In order to remain compliant with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), please follow the below
approved marketing language about Koalafi for your website and social pages.

Recommended LanguageLanguage to Avoid
Low Initial Payment$XX Fee
Early Purchase OptionSame as Cash
Customer payments reported to TransUnionNo Credit Score Impact
Flexible Payment OptionsNo payments or interest for XX Days
High Approval RatesEarly Payoff Discounts
Simple. Fast. Transparent.Discounts
Superior ServiceNo Credit Check
Easy-to-use interfaceLoan/Lending
Approval process that takes seconds
No Credit Needed*
Lease-to-own financing

Required "No Credit Needed" Disclaimer

We do perform a credit check on customers as part of our application process. “No Credit Needed” does not imply no credit check. This is a lease-to-own product. You will not own the leased items unless you make all scheduled payments or prepay in accordance with the lease. Details may vary by state.