Choose Your Integration Type

To provide our merchant partners with the best integration experience possible, Koalafi offers three different types of integrations - allowing you to choose the experience that best suits the needs of your business.

  1. E-commerce Site Plugin: Use this integration if your site has been built on top of an existing e-commerce platform. You can install and configure our custom plugin and have an out of the box Koalafi financing experience with no coding. The plugin launches the Koalafi modal, which we regularly update as we continuously improve our application process. Checkout our plugins for:
    1. Magento 2.4+
    2. Woo Commerce 3.3.0+
    3. Shopify
  2. Modal Integration: If you aren't on an e-commerce platform, our Modal Integration is the next fastest integration option. To use this integration, import our JavaScript SDK and add a few custom assets to launch our modal on top of your website. Our modal will walk potential customers through the entire financing process. We continually improve and update our application process, so using this integration guarantees you will always have those improvements.
  3. Direct API: With our Direct API, you can use our step-by-step guide to control the entire financing experience. This integration option requires that you create all screens to gather the necessary information for a customer to apply, review, and sign their financing agreement. As we continue to improve our application process, our APIs might change, which means you will be responsible for occasional updates. Use this integration if you want to have complete control over the financing experience and don't mind occasional updates.